About Us

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"Our First Product is a Satisfied Customer." 


EarthStar Electric is a small company built on personal relationships with our customers.  We approach these relationships with integrity - we treat you the way we’d want to be treated.  So we’ll talk you out of a bad decision, sell you less than you thought you needed; we’ll spend your money as if it were our own.  This isn’t some big commitment, it’s what comes naturally. You can expect that from us.  


The fact is, we are deeply motivated by the desire to create a satisfied customer.  And we’ve learned thru hard experience that there are alot of layers that must all go well to create that ‘satisfied customer’ experience.  So we’re about it.  Did we get mud on the carpet? Let the dog get out? Surprise the client at billing time?  Lots of learning experiences. What it comes down to is, we’re not satisfied unless you are. We’re about it.



Statement of Intention


Our intention is to offer clean, intelligent sources of energy for our customers and our community, to feel our customers as ourselves, and to provide a fulfilling livelyhood for our team.

"The great thing about Daniel is that he is very concerned with both the safety issues as well as the aesthetic ones. He SAVED us from making some foolish mistakes."

—Allison and Adam

" We had a great experience working with Daniel and his crew…we had dealt with 6 different contractors in the course of our remodel, and Daniel was the only one who got a perfect score."

—H. Chang